Uckele Equi Treats Horse Treats

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Reward your horse without disrupting healthy blood sugar levels.  Delicious bite-sized pellets with no added sugar or artificial colors.  Wholesome treats are available in a tasty alfalfa base. 

Feeding Directions: Feed 1 or 2 treats at a time.

We share treats with our horses to reward them for a job well done, or just because feeding treats to our horses makes us feel good too. You love your horse, and your horse loves treats! Believe it or not, a good treat can be healthy and taste scrumptious to your horse.

Horses have well documented preferences for certain flavors, including cherry, peppermint, fenugreek, apple, and banana. The treat doesn't have to be loaded with sugar and starch to be appealing. Horses are very receptive to being fed by hand and will check to see what's being offered. You may have noticed that even if a horse is already eating hay, if you pull out a handful and offer it to the horse, he'll stop what he's doing and eat the hay in your hand first.

In other words, you don't need sugar and starch grains to get the horse's attention, or for them to enjoy what you are offering. High fiber (20+%), forage and hay based treats work just fine. You can get the high taste appeal of grains without all the starch from ingredients like distillers' or brewers' dried grains, which is the high protein product remaining after starch has been fermented.

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