ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Ultra Half Pad with Fleece Trim

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ThinLine developed this pad to give riders the fashion appeal of fleece worked around the edge and the shock absorption they and their horses need without the bulk, high maintenance or cost of a full sheepskin pad. The Trifecta offers no interference for riders who prefer close leg contact with their horse. The cotton base design creates a wither profile and spine free channel, allowing the Ultra ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.

The shims for this pad can be found here.

The Trifecta fits under custom and off the rack saddles, and because of the pad’s sleek design, it aids saddle fit. Like the entire ThinLine collection, the Trifecta molds to the horse’s body as the horse warms up, creating the customized ThinLine no slip shock absorbing fit and feel. This half pad is also “shimmable” to modify the fit with your saddle. This is ideal for those that ride multiple horses and for those reconditioning a horse.

Available in Black or White. Choose between Medium and Large. The medium measures 18" between the rolls and 23" including the rolls. The large measures 19 1/4" between the rolls and 24" including the rolls. If your saddle has large or wide panels, choose the Large.

ThinLine sheepskin products are made with 100% medical grade merino wool on real (non-synthetic) hide. Please follow care instructions carefully to ensure your product stays under warranty and to ensure product durability.

For Regular Maintenance: The most important thing to know about sheepskin is that it hates to stay wet. If you ride the sheepskin against the horse or get it thoroughly soaked make sure it is dried quickly. Place the pad sheepskin up in a cool environment. In humid climates use a fan to blow over the pad. Sheepskin must be allowed to dry fully between rides. Once the pad is dry, a light brushing of the sheepskin with a pet brush will separate the wool fibers and help keep the wool fluffy and resilient for the next ride. Store sheepskin side up in your tack room, brush occasionally. A simple daily/post-ride brushing is all your pad needs if not too sweaty from the ride.

Washing Sheepskin: Pads should only be washed when absolutely necessary, which should only be about 2-3 times in its lifespan if the above maintenance care is followed. Sheepskin saddle pads are best washed by hand in cold water using the following products: Eucalan, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, or Ivory Snow Flakes. ThinLine does not recommend the use of other brands on these sheepskin products. You may machine wash (although hand wash is preferred) in a front loader, no agitators against the pad, single wash cycle only. Remove excess water in the pad by carefully squeezing the water out or placing in your washing machine on the spin cycle. Pad should be laid flat, sheepskin up, out of the sun preferably under a fan. No dryers or other heating devices. The ThinLine portion may slow drying time so placing absorbent products such as heavy duty paper towels or shami’s inside the pocket will absorb water, speeding the drying time and keep your sheepskin in better shape. Don’t over stuff pockets or the sheepskin may stretch. Do not bruch or pull sheepskin when wet.

The ThinLine foam pad itself does not require washing, but if you choose to do so, ThinLine recommends using baby wipes. You can also hose it off or machine wash (front loader only, cold water, no dryer!). IMPORTANT: Keep your ThinLine away from chemicals such as Show Sheen, Paint thinner Oils, and Leather Conditioner.

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