Summer Games Electrolyte Paste - 60cc

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* Help horses beat the heat!
* Specifically formulated for and used at the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games
* Paste contains Neigh-Lox, too, for extra gastric support
* A Horse Journal favorite!

Kentucky Performance Products Summer Games Electrolytes for horses.

When performance horses sweat, they lose a significant amount of essential electrolytes – particularly sodium, chloride and potassium – that are necessary for top performance. Powder and paste supplements replace these key electrolytes that are lost in sweat during exercise, help prevent dehydration by increasing thirst response and support fast recovery. Also supplies minerals necessary to support and promote optimal performance. Low sugar content. Paste contains the added benefits of Neigh-Lox to protect and buffer the stomach from the effects of stress. Easy to administer on the go. Ideal during or after training and competition, during transport, unfamiliar surroundings and hot, humid days.

Each tube contains (min) 200 mg calcium, 200 mg phosphorous, 20 gm salt, 200 mg magnesium, 4.5 gm potassium, 12 mg copper, 62 mg iron, 4.5 mg manganese and 30 mg zinc.

Directions: Horses at rest or transport in hot weather - 1 tube; Moderate/heavy work - 2-3 tubes.