Free Jump Airbag Safety Vest

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Age group:

Made in France

Each Airbag is tested individually

  • Performance :

Inflation speed 98ms : in 98 ms* the FREEJUMP AIRBAG vest reaches the pressure required to validate impact tests and provide the optimal protection level set by AFNOR standard NF S72-800-2021 (*value for size S) and outclass the impact tests.

  • Protection:

Cervical, Back, Lumbar, Sacrum, Pelvis, Thorax

Neck protection optimized for wearing a certified riding helmet

Optimal neck protection : the neck brace stabilizes the spine and vital areas.

Continuous side protection for a trunk alignment perfect support

  • Innovation:

2 bust lengths on sizes XS, S, M, L for a back, lumbar and sacral protection suitable for all body types.

  • Comfort:

Stretch materials

Micro-perforated fabrics for optimized ventilation

Zip closure

  • Style:

Invisible under the jacket.

Designed to be worn alone or with “Freejump Airbag Technology – Compatible Jacket” approved clothing.

  • Care Instruction 

– Do not machine wash, do not immerse in water. We advise you to clean your Freejump Airbag by hand using a mild detergent

– Never put your airbag in a dryer

– Do not iron

– Avoid high temperatures (direct sunlight, if left in a vehicle, near a heat source of flame).

– Do not leave your airbag folder or rolled up for a long time.

– Put your airbag on a coat hanger and store it in a dry place, away from humidity