Brush Therapy Cleaner

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Brush Therapy Effervescents are perfect at the barn or away at shows for brushes, brooms, and other cleaning supplies! With its single-packet use and easy-to-use instructions, the Brush Therapy packs a powerful punch to bacteria, mold, and other harmful fungus that may be lingering on brushes. Perfect for lesson programs or brushes used on multiple horses, plus it can be used for brooms and scrub brushes!

    How to Use: Add 1 packet of Brush Therapy to one gallon of warm water. Add brushes and stir (for larger, thinner wood-back brushes, soak the bristles only in a shallow tray). The effervescing process will stop quite quickly, but leave teh brusehs in the solution for a full 8 minutes Remove the brushes, and use a comb to loosen embedded hair and debris. Rinse thoroughly with cool water, shake off excess and allow them to air-dry gently in a well ventilated area. Repeat the process if needed.


Product Details:

  • Concentrated
  • Seltzer-like effect
  • Size: 1.76 oz
  • Keep out of Reach of Young Children
  • If you have doubts about soaking your brushes in a water-based solution, please contact the brush manufacturer.