Hydrophane Leather Dressing

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Protects, waterproofs, and softens new leather, reconditions old leather. Will not rot stitching or stain clothing. Only available in 500 ml.

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    The only way to break in tack

    Posted by Lisa L on 25th Oct 2012

    This is the absolute best way to soften and help break in a new saddle or bridle, or take good care of older tack It's miles above using just normal leather conditioner, and is the best way to make sure your tack will last a long time!

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    Helps keep leather supple AND makes your tack water resistant!

    Posted by Jen Michaels on 12th Oct 2012

    My former trainer turned me on to Hydrophane. I used to be a neatsfoot oil kind of girl, but one day I saw my trainer dipping an expensive bridle into a bucket of water to clean off the foam and sweat after a ride. I was horrified, but she said 'It's okay! I oiled it with Hydrophane!' and sure enough, I saw the water beading up and rolling right off the leather. Since then I've been a convert, not only because it means I can dip my bridle after a ride but because it helps protect my expensive calfskin saddle in less-than-desirable riding conditions. I've slogged through water jumps (eventing) and tacked up in the pouring rain next to a trailer at a dressage show, and the water beaded up so nicely and came right off with a cloth wipe-down. It keeps my tack nice and supple, about the same in that regard as neatsfoot oil or olive oil, but the water resistance is an awesome bonus feature!