Rain Maker Hoof Dressing

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* Triple action –
   1. Attracts
   2. Absorbs
   3. Retains moisture in the hoof
* Helps prevent cracked, brittle hooves and weak walls

Help For Your Horse’s Hoof
Dry weather, dusty stables, lack of exercise. These factors combine to rob a horse’s hoofs of moisture, leaving them hard and brittle; susceptible to cracks, injury and disease; unable to regenerate quickly because of slowed growth. Rain Maker™ Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner can protect your horse’s hoofs from these damaging conditions. Like a rainy day, Rain Maker™ Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner leaves hoofs with a healthy balance of moisture. It’s an advanced hoof dressing that helps restore and condition damaged hoofs, so they can absorb the stresses and shocks of daily life with ease. The triple action formula of Rain Maker™ Hoof Moisturizer and Conditioner leaves your horse with hoofs that attract, absorb and retain moisture. Helps prevent painful problems like cracks, splits and contracted heels. Enhances color, sheen and texture, leaves hoofs with a natural glossy, lustrous appearance.

How To Use Rain Maker™ Triple Action Hoof Moisturizer:
Before applying Rain Maker, be sure the sole and wall of the hoof are clean and dry. Pick out the soles and clefts of the frog to remove any foreign matter.

First, using the handy applicator brush provided, work Rain Maker into the frog, the sole and over the bulbs of the heel. Next, apply to the hoof wall to aid in restoration of the periople (protective coating of the horn), retard moisture loss and give the hoof a natural sheen. Using the applicator brush, also massage Rain Maker into the coronary band to approximately one inch above the hoof wall. Repeat treatment as needed. Most hoofs respond favorably to an application once or twice a week.

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  • 4
    Also works great on your BBQ sandwich

    Posted by BL on 27th Jun 2013

    Just kidding, you probably shouldn't eat this although it definitely smells like BBQ sauce. This stuff works great to keep dry hooves from cracking, my only complaint is the shape of the bottle. It should be taller and thinner because the brush can't reach the rainmaker that's up around the sides of the bottle, so you end up wasting some unless you stick something else in there to get it all out.

  • 3

    Posted by Kathryn Loudermilk on 25th Jun 2013

    Not my favorite smell, but it will definitely keep your horse's hooves conditioned.

  • 4
    great product

    Posted by Becky on 25th Jun 2013

    I love this except the container is very bad and gets very messy. Also it freezes in the winter if it isn't kept in a warmer place. But it works very well overall.

  • 5
    Great to keep hooves nice in winter

    Posted by Laura on 25th Jun 2013

    At my barn , there is a can of this stuff in our cross ties and everyone can use it during the winter. With the WA mud it is hard to keep hooves nice year round. This stuff helps.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2013

    Very good quality only complaint is that you need to keep it in a warmer environment. Otherwise it freezes and is difficult to whip out with the brush! But for warmer climates....its PERFECT!!!

  • 4
    love this conditioner

    Posted by Angel Buckley on 27th Oct 2012

    I love this conditioner, it really keeps the hooves moist. We use it as a hoof polish for the ring because it doesnt dry the hooves out like other polish and still makes them shiny.
    I HATE the container. The polish get stuck to the sides inside and is hard to get out because the mouth to the jar is so narrow. You have to shake it off the sides.
    The product is 5 stars but I gave four because of the container.

  • 4

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2012

    This was recommended by our vet and several others to repair my horses cracked hooves. It is very easy to apply and worked great. It lasts a very long time.

  • 4
    Good product...crappy container

    Posted by Melissa S. on 24th Oct 2012

    This is a great hoof care product. It keeps the horses hooves moisturized but having to wrestle with the container almost outweighs the benefits. If any dirt gets on the brush, the product turns into a clumpy mess. If you're lucky enough to not get dirt in the container then you have to contend with the product sticking to the sides making it almost impossible to use all of the product. I've found that if you leave the container out in the sun or somewhere warm, the product will melt off the side and back down where you can retrieve it with the brush.

  • 4
    Rain Maker Hoof Dressing

    Posted by Larry on 12th Oct 2012

    I like this product it does a great job. I hate the plastic container! Without a lip on top excess product runs down the side making the container slippery and almost impossible to pickup with one hand while holding up a horses leg at the same time!