Neck Stretcher / Relaxer

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At last a training aid that rewards your horse for reaching for a more relaxed head carriage instead of resisting the restraint of a fixed rein. Fully elastic and adjustable.

Elastic training aid made from 1/4" tubular elastic with adjustment on the poll. To fit, the elastic passes through the bit and clips on to either saddle dees or girth.

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    Maybe it is me?

    Posted by ginna on 25th Jun 2013

    I did not have much success with this aid but am willing to admit user error could be a part. My mare's head was so low that I was worried she could step over the side. It did encourage a beautiful, soft connection.

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    great training tool

    Posted by Devin Sheets on 25th Jun 2013

    it's great for training and getting a horse to use his/her body properly! it's helped me in getting my mare to use her hind end better and ride in a frame.

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    Great Training Tool, Not Very Sturdy

    Posted by Beth on 25th Oct 2012

    While I absolutely love this as a training tool, it's not built particularly well. The clips that hold it onto the girth are a flimsy plastic and one of them broke on mine after just a couple months of use. That said, before it broke it was really helpful. It's simple, rewarding the horse when he lowers his head by taking pressure off the poll. Also a word of caution that in the wrong hands, this could have a negative impact on your horse's training/headset. Make sure it's not adjusted too short!