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 Selling Your Used Tack & Riding Apparel 


- The Consignment Shop at Equus Now! -

So you want to consign your used tack and riding apparel with us, but not sure how? Below is all the information you need to start selling your items with us!

       - About Our Consignment Shop - 

county-saddle-.jpgThe Consignment Shop at Equus Now! is the top source for quality used tack and apparel. Not only do we have an extensive used saddle selection, Equus Now! also has a vast collection of Used Riding Apparel, Bridles, Girths, Horse Blankets, Stable Supplies, and MORE! With over 5,000 square feet devoted entirely to our consignment shop, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We take great care to accept the best gently used tack and riding apparel and bring it to you at the best price possible!

The Consignment Shop at Equus Now! has become the hottest venue for great deals on used tack, both in our retail store and online store! Consigning with Equus Now! is the best way to get your items seen by thousands of potential buyers. With over 23,000 facebook followers, an extensive eBay presence, and direct shopping for the entire central ohio equestrian community, The Consignment Shop at Equus Now! is the go-to source of used tack and riding apparel both online and in our retail store, making it the best place to sell your used items.

  - How Consignment Works -



 Consignment Policy:

We highly recommend that you let us use our years of experience in the industry and knowledge of current market conditions to determine the best selling price for your items. We take great care to price your consignment at a fair price to sell quickly but also to give you the best return on your item. 

$50 minimum selling value for all consignment items. (Have items with a value under $ 50? No problem! We do an immediate BUY OUT on these items.)

Our Consignment Fee is 50% of the selling price for all non-saddle items.

Our Saddle Fee is 25% of the selling value for saddles over $500 and 40% for anything $500 and below.

Items MUST be free of odor, stains, or tears. Items MUST be in good working condition and not in need of any repairs!

We require that you leave your items with us for at least 90 days to give us a fair shot at selling them. After 90 days, you can pick up your items (or pay to have them shipped back). 

After 120, Equus Now! reserves the right lower the price or donate the item. Don't worry, we will usually give you a call and ask if you'd like to pick your item up if we feel that it won't sell. Why donate? On the rare occasion that we can no longer contact the owner of the item with the contact info they provided us and we no longer feel that the item is sellable, we have to resort to this last resort option.

We run a report for all of the items sold in our consignment shop about once a month. If any of your items have sold during this period, we will email you and let you know how much consignment credit you have. You can apply this credit to any purchase in our retail store or over the phone, we can write and mail a check for amounts over $20, or you can leave the credit on file for a later use.

Local Consignment: 


Simply bring in your items during normal store hours, no appointment necessary! We'll help you fill out the form and get on your way to selling your items and making some money! If you have a large amount of consignment to bring in, we recommend that you give us a call at least an hour or so ahead. 

Shipping Consignment:

If you aren't from the Central Ohio area or can't make it in to our retail store to consign your items, you can ship your items to us! Just fill out the appropriate form for your items and be sure to include it when you ship your items(shipping address below). When you are shipping items for consignment, reference the lists of items that we do and do not accept at the bottom of this page. If items are shipped, we are not able to filter out the items that we can't accept for consignment. We only accept items with a selling value of $15 or higher, so keep that in mind when preparing to ship your items to us. If we are unable to accept an item that you shipped to us, you can pay to have the item shipped back or we can donate it to The Last Chance Corral. If you'd like to know if we will accept any specific items, give us a call and we will be happy to help! 

Ship To:

The Consignment Shop at Equus Now!

8956 Cotter St.

Lewis Center, OH 43035


List of common items that are not accepted for consignment:

  • Items that do not meet the $15 minimum value
  • Collar/Ratcatcher Show Shirt
  • Out Of Style Show/Schooling Apparel
  • Helmets
  • Items with rust, excessive stains, noticeable odors, or damage in need of repairs.
  • Broken Leather Goods

If you have any questions about whether we can accept your items, please contact our Consignment Manager, Jo, via email at or phone (740) 549-4959.



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