Value Softflex Childs Jods

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SOFTFLEX FRONT ZIP JODS WITH GRIP-TEC™ SILICONE BR>SoftFLEX – Knit mid-weight cotton polyester spandex that is incredibly soft • QuadFlex – Knit 4-way stretch and ultimate shape retention • Comfortex – Ultra soft touch with high wicking to keep you cool and comfortable • FreshLock– Odor resistant and antimicrobial • PrimaUV – UPF 30 premium protection against 96% of UVA Material: EuroKNIT Melange – knit mid-weight cotton polyester spandex Fit: Classic – average shape to hip and thigh Rise: Mid – slightly below the navel (+/- 1”) Knee Patch: Grip-Tec™ X-Grip silicone with Euro Seat