Training Tree for Riders

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The "Training Tree" presents a systematic approach to rider development that will help any rider, beginner to advanced, in any discipline, improve. The goal of rider training is to produce the kind of horse and rider team that is beautiful to see: graceful, fluid, balanced, and performing tasks with lightness and ease. Too often riders struggle year after year toward the same elusive goals and experience the same difficulties. The training tree presents a series of foundational building blocks that focus on creating a fluid, balanced rider and that can be used with any horse and any style of riding. Included are multiple exercises for every step, diagnostics to show what a rider needs to work on, how to know when you are ready to focus on the next step, and effective and interesting ways of integrating the steps into lessons. Each step is thoroughly explained and illustrated, and includes diagnostics to show what the rider needs to work on and when he/she is ready for the next step. Lesson plans are included in the appendix, so the book can be used for self-teaching or as a tool for riding instructors. A very good foundation book for beginners to learn riding skills and a helpful review for advanced riders. Whether you are are rider seeking to improve your skills or an instructor looking for ways to help your students, Training Tree for Riders will help you develop into the kind of rider you want to be.


Written by Central Ohio Saddle Fitter - Amanda Berges


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