Tech Stirrups Aphrodite Dressage Iron

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Tech Stirrups DRESSAGE horse-riding stirrups: for all those riders looking for precision.

Made in Italy, our patented stirrups are 100% made in Italy. Tech Stirrups Aphrodite are made from aluminium billet and then fastened with stainless steel screws. They are anodised (20μm treatment) to preserve their aesthetic quality.


  • Weight: 420g (14,81 oz)
  • Tread dimensions: 125x50mm (4-3/4 in)
  • Shiny finish

Available colours: black and silver

The core technology of “Aphrodite” dressage stirrups lies in their tread. In fact, their weight has been concentrated in the treads to ensure greater stability.
Moreover, they are provided with top quality grips so as not to hinder the rider’s feet during use. Unlike the most common dressage stirrups available on the market, Tech Stirrups’ “Aphrodite” are equipped with grips conceived to let the rider communicates better with his horse, as the tread surface has been designed with specific angles allowing greater freedom of movement. In addition, the shape of the stirrup leather loop has been conceived so to allow the stirrup itself to keep in an appropriate position for an effort less foot positioning.


After repeated tests – carried out both on the weight and on the shape of the products – our stirrups resulted to be balanced so that, in case of loss of the stirrups during galloping, they tend to beat as little as possible on the horse belly if compared to other stirrups of the same type currently available on the market.

The aesthetics of Tech Stirrups horse-riding stirrups has been designed to the last detail. Furthermore, all the milling operations have been carried out with high speed CNC machines programmed with CAD-CAM software, in order to obtain well-refined, high-quality finishes. To avoid harming the horse or spoiling the harness, the front part of the treadshas been rounded and all the corners of the stirrups have been smoothened. In addition, the screws have been placed in sockets so not to protrude.

Tech Stirrups horse-riding stirrups are made of radiographed and certified material. Before packing, all the rings undergo a breaking strength test, which is carried out with machines that we have specifically designed for the purpose. Although they undergo to countless checks and despite the fact that screws are fixed, we always suggest customers to verify the correct closure before use.

Put correctly the stirrups on the saddle.
Our stirrups are provided with direction marks on the ring:


During use, R and L marks should point towards the rider.
On the tread is positioned an arrow that specifies the right side of the foot insertion in the stirrup.
Do not place the ankle into the stirrup’s ring.

To prolong the useful life of the grip, we recommend to use the stirrups with boots soles free from dirt and to clean with water the stirrups themselves after each use.

If the stirrups are stored together with the saddle, we suggest using stirrup covers.
As for the Plus model, it is also necessary to lubricate all the 6 small grooves located under the pad of each stirrup.



Do not disassemble
Do not knock
Do not crush
Do not throw nor drop
Do not run while keeping the stirrups in your hands
Do not wash the stirrups in a dishwasher
Do not leave the product to minors without adult supervision
Avoid release to the environment

The warranty does not cover defects due to wear (e.g. grip consumption), third-party changes, improper storage or maintenance and/or use, that is, other than that for which the device was designed.

All Tech Stirrups products are tested and checked carefully before being launched into the market. Tech Stirrups products are covered by a 3-year warranty, which is valid starting from the date of purchase, against defects in materials or manufacturing.

To submit a complaint, you have to contact the Tech Stirrups distributor in your country – whose contacts are available at – or send an email to We will reply as soon as possible.

GM PRODUCTION srl, owner of the brand Tech Stirrups decline any responsibility due to the lack of respect of what indicated above in the current USER HANDBOOK AND SAFETY NOTES.