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Carr Day & Martin Stain Master spray dissolves dirt, sweat and manure stains. No need to rinse! Ideal for last-minute touch-ups before you go in the show ring or as a quick cleaning when it's too cold to bathe. Results are immediate.


Spray directly onto stains, or apply with a cloth to the face area. Massage with a damp sponge or cloth and wipe. The wider spray pattern of the 600 ml Equimist 360 spray bottle provides a greater coverage area, meaning large stains are cleaned up quickly and easily. 600 ml Equimist 360 spray bottle must be pumped 10-12 times before spray is emitted and is not refillable.


  • Look – Equimist 360 revolutionary spray technology, winner of a BETA Innovation Award 2014
  • 600 ml Equimist 360 spray bottle provides a greater coverage area, meaning large stains are cleaned up quickly and easily
  • Unbeatable green spot and stable stain remover
  • Fantastic for last-minute show touch-ups or anytime for a quick stain fix

Equimist 360

Innovative Equimist 360 technology is set to revolutionize product application in the horse care world. Tradition remains right at the heart of this range, but now Carr & Day & Martin spray products will benefit from this stylish and highly functional dispenser.

The 600 ml Equimist 360 spray dispenser has the following unrivaled, unique features and benefits:

  • Sprays 360°: Equimist 360 can spray a full 360°, meaning that the product can be applied while the dispenser is upside down. Perfect for the undercarriage and other hard-to-reach places.
  • Unbeatable Coverage: The fine misting application and minute droplet size ensure total coverage and a perfect, even finish every time.
  • Continuous Action: Equimist 360 delivers a continuous, wider and finer spray pattern for a much more even distribution of product than all other traditional trigger sprays.
  • Minimal Sound: The specially designed, non-aerosol trigger head provides minimal sound when spraying. Testing suggests that this dispenser is more readily accepted by young or more nervous horses.
  • No Waste: This technology provides unbeatable bottle evacuation, which means no more product is left in the bottom of the bottle.
  • Ergonomic Design: Hand fatigue, often associated with normal trigger sprays and aerosols, can be dramatically reduced with Equimist 360.


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