Sho-Hoof Advanced Hoof Supplement

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Contains biotin and zinc methionine complex for hoof growth. Enriched with omega-3s and amino acids for healthy hooves, skin and coat. 
Each 2 oz serving contains min 11.3 gm crude protein, min 2 gm lysine, min 8.5 gm methionine, min 1.1 gm crude fat, max 8.5 gm crude fiber, min 0.1 gm/max 0.5 gm calcium, min 0.1 gm phosphorus, min 39 mg copper, min 340 mg zinc, min 20 mg biotin and min 1 gm omega-3 fatty acids. 
Directions: Mature horses less than 800 lbs body weight - 1-1/2 oz daily with regular grain and forage ration; 800-1,200 lbs body weight - 2 oz daily; 1,200+ lbs body weight - 2-1/2 oz daily. Contains copper; do not feed to sheep or other copper-sensitive species. Use with Sho-Glo and Sho-Flex for maximum results. 40 day supply. Enclosed scoop holds about 1 oz.