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Dreams on Horseback

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Dreams on Horseback is a non-profit with the mission of enriching lives with horses. We host over 18,000 participant hours of horse-partnered learning at our PATH, Intl. accredited centers in Blacklick, Ohio each year. We conduct a variety of programming for all age groups. Our programs include therapeutic riding, equine assited learning, alzheimer’s sensory experiences, vocational training, military programs, field trips, team building and more.

The Gifted Equine

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At The Gifted Equine (510c3 Nonprofit), we are dedicated to saving horses from the slaughter pipeline and other neglectful situations and providing them with the respect and high-quality care they deserve. We spend quality time with each individual horse; ensuring their physical and mental health receives the attention it requires. In order to create the best chances for these horses to be successfully rehomed, we provide essential veterinary care, basic horsemanship handling, and tailored training and riding capabilities. We strive to find the perfect home for each animal, ensuring they will be cherished and receive the attention and love they deserve, whether they are a companion, a therapy animal, or a riding prospect.— join us in our mission to provide a loving home for every horse.

PBJ Connections

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PBJ Connections will be the Central Ohio leading provider of equine assisted psychotherapy and other innovative behavioral health services. Our experience and venues will evolve to meet the changing needs of the community. We will develop sustainable partnerships and connections to continue serving clients, regardless of their ability to pay. PBJ Connections will maintain a professional quality of care with high ethical standards.

New Vocations



New Vocations is proud to be the oldest and largest racehorse adoption program in the country, serving more than 500 horses a year. Since our inception in 1992, we've carried out our mission to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome retired racehorses and placed more than 8,000 in adoptive homes. With eight facilities in Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania, we continue to work with racing owners and trainers in need of equine aftercare options and with our adopters to find perfect homes for these most-deserving equine athletes.

Ohio Dressage Society

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Our purpose is to improve the general understanding of dressage through educational clinics, competitions, forums and seminars, and to promote these and other activities to effect this goal; to assist and cooperate with local and regional dressage organizations in matters of common concern; to help set and promote the educational objectives of the members and the dressage community and to establish and maintain helpful, friendly relationships within the membership and equine community.

Stockhands Horses for Healing

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Stockhands Horses for Healing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing equine facilitated activities to veterans, adults, and children with developmental, mental, physical, and emotional disabilities and challenges.

Our mission is to facilitate a positive and non-judgmental environment for participants and their families. Stockhands is a place where human and animal relationships can flourish through effective and creative equine assisted services.

Mid-Ohio Dressage Association

Use Coupon Code: MODA

Mid-Ohio Dressage Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, and is a group member organization of the United States Dressage Federation.

​Mid-Ohio Dressage Association works to promote and encourage a better understanding of dressage through competitions, educational programs, clinics, forums, seminars, membership meetings, publications and dissemination of information to its members and the general public.

Marmon Valley

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Marmon Valley Farm is a Christ-centered, family-owned farm. Our goal is to share Christ's love with all who come on the grounds. We believe that creation declares God's glory and the Farm atmosphere provides many opportunities to grow in our faith.


In an age where technology reigns, we offer a simple farm environment. Guests love to visit our cows, goats, chickens, miniature horses, and rabbits. With over 150 horses, we operate the largest Christian horse camp in Ohio.


With activities such as horseback riding, summer camp, archery, climbing wall, hay rides, and barn dances going on, the Farm is a lively and wholesome place to bring your family!

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