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Peculiar Socks For Off Beat Equestrians!

So many new features, it’s a WHOLE NEW SOCK EXPERIENCE.

  • A lightly padded toe that wraps around the bottom of your foot to the back of your ankle, adds cushioning and protection in high friction zones. 
  • The extra stretchy fabric on the top of the foot and the rest of the leg provides adjustable height and width to accommodate more shapes and sizes than our original sock. 
  • The black cuff is now knit, to stay colorfast when stretched.


What are my socks made of?
D&S Boot Socks are made from a combination of cotton on the toe, bottom of the foot and back of the heel (the solid black area), and a poly/nylon on the leg (the printed area). This combo provides moisture wicking on your foot and a thin, stretchy leg.

Why are there white lines that show through the pattern when I wear my D&S socks?
All sublimated socks will run into this issue. All socks have fibers that are woven in an under/over pattern and only the fibers that are on the outside of the socks get printed. We pre-stretch the socks before printing to help reduce and minimize the fibers that do not get hit with our AMAZING patterns.

How do I wash my D&S Socks?
1. Turn the socks inside out before washing. This reduces the likelihood of the surface from getting snags or damage to the printed side. Hand wash, if possible, with cold/warm water.

2. Hand washing is much gentle on the socks and the fibers than machine washing. This will help with the longevity of your socks and print.

3. Air dry if possible or tumble dry low in the dryer. High heat will affect the performance fibers.

4. Don't use bleach, harsh detergent, dryer sheets or fabric softener

5. Don't dry clean

What is the WARRANTY on my D&S Socks?
Dreamers & Schemers proudly guarantees the quality, performance, and craftsmanship of our socks with a 30-day guarantee. Items with defects in materials or workmanship will be replaced at the discretion of Dreamers & Schemers. This warranty does not cover products with damage from misuse, wear and tear, and improper care.

For warranty evaluation, your product must be returned directly to the Dreamers & Schemers warehouse. Please send the product back clean. Soiled garments will not be processed and returned. We want to ensure the health and welfare of our Warranty Department staff.

Our typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks from the time we receive your product until it is returned to you. In some cases, we can get it back to you sooner.