Rambo Wug Heavy High Neck Turnout Blanket 400gm

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The Horsware Rambo Wug heavyweight high neck turnout offers your horse the ultimate in warmth, comfort and durabilty as well as a little extra coverage. The high neck design moves the neck opening up off the withers to offer more protection from the elements and help prevent pressure points and rubbing when the blanket has to stay on for long periods.

As well as being one of the toughest fabrics on the market today, the 1000D Aquatrans outer offers both hydrophobic and hydrophilic technology for the highest level of waterproofness and breathability to ensure your horse is as dry and comfortable as possible no matter the conditions.

While the outer material is special, it's what's inside that counts. The polyester lining has been specially developed with your horse in mind. It offers anti-static properties to make changing the blanket more comfortable and the anti-bacterial and shine-enhancing properties help keep your horses coat healthy when the blanket must be worn daily. 

Horseware are so confident in the technology and durability of these features, they offer a 3 YEAR GUARANTEE on the waterproofness of the outer material and the strength and durability of the stainless steel hardware. 

Always make sure you register your Rambo Wug heavyweight blanket within 90 days of purchase to ensure you qualify for this guarantee. Registrations can be made at;


  • 1000D ballistic nylon waterproof and breathable outer. Strongest, most durable turnout material on the market.  
  • Polyester lining, which is anti-static and anti-bacterial, with shine-enhancing qualities. 
  • Thermobonded fibrefill for superior and long lasting heat retention.


  • Wug® Neck: high cut neck design to give a snug fit.
  • V-Front Closure: eliminates pressure on the shoulder allowing for more comfort while grazing.
  • Leg arches: unique design to maintain freedom of movement while allowing the rug to stay secure under belly & offer additional belly coverage.
  • Reflective strips for increased visibility.
  • Wipe clean tail cord: elasticated PVC covered cord, easy clean, offers more flexibility to take pressure off fittings & straps.
  • Three secure cross surcingles that incorporate Horseware®’s unique safety system which breaks in the event of an emergency.