PuriShield Wound & Skin Care Spray - 16 oz

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Ultimate combination of PuriShield Skin Spray and PuriShield Wound Spray. Purifect™ Technology supports the body’s naturally-occurring immune response to serve as the first line of defense in helping a horse heal its wounds. Easy-to-use liquid spray cleanses while bringing fast, long-lasting relief and protection to affected areas. For safe and effective management of wounds, cuts, burns, post-surgical sites, abrasions, skin irritations, scratches, bites, kicks and more. Provides 24 hour protection. May help minimize scarring. Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-stinging and non-staining. Contains no steroids, antibiotics, alcohol or harsh chlorine. 

Directions: Remove dirt and debris from wound. Apply liberally to affected area once or twice daily, or as often as needed, until healing takes place. Do not rinse or wipe off; allow to dry naturally. Efficacy unaffected by sunlight or freezing. Patented.