Parlanti Denver Dress Boots

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An off the shelf boot... That Feels Like It Was Customized!

Parlanti Denver Dress Boots are the laceless counterparts of the Miami. Equipped with elastic panels designed for added comfort, feel, a profiled fit. Hand-crafted from premium italian calfskin leather, the Parlanti Denver Dress Boots are hands-down one of the most popular riding boots in the equestrian market.

The authentic feel of the Parlanti Passion line is second to none, and is worn by the world’s top riders for over 50 years.

From model design to the finishing process every product from Stivaleria Parlanti Roma follows the highest work standards, an unquestionable prerogative of meticulous craftsmanship. Made to measure riding boots created according to the best manufacturing methods. A perfect combination of tradition and research, an ancient craft in continuous style evolution.

The experience of the best craftsmen is added to the highest quality materials used in the production process. All leathers go through a natural tanning process and are a result of a rigorous selection procedure in Italy. The care of exclusively made to measure manufacture makes every product unique. The extreme attention to detail distinguishes them as typical Italian style.

The attention to details in all of our products demonstrates the passion in which Parlanti has always maintained and over the years. These details have made us one of the most sought after luxury equestrian boot company in the world. With over 30 years experience dedicated to making “made to measure” riding boots makes us unique in itself. Our greatest satisfaction of all is getting to dress the best riders in the world to up and coming amature riders.