Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Sealant

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* Take on the elements with Horseshoer's Secret Total Hoof Management Solution!
* Blocks out harsh environmental conditions for proper hoof health
* Seals in essential moisture in dry conditions and protects hooves in wet weather
* Provides a show-ring shine!

Quick-drying, waterproof formula blocks out harsh environmental conditions, helping to maintain proper hoof health. Locks in essential moisture under hot, dry conditions to help prevent cracked, brittle hooves; keeps excessive moisture out and protects against soft, mushy hooves in wet, soggy conditions - all while providing a show-ring shine. Contains acetone & methyl methacrylate. Apply weekly to clean, dry hoof wall. Do not use on bulbs of heel or coronary band.

Active Ingredient- Methyl Methacrylate (30.0%) 

Inactive Ingredient- Acetone

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Hoof wall must be clean and dry prior to application. Apply weekly, or as needed, to hoof wall. Begin approximately 1/2 inch below coronary band and continue down hoof wall. Do not use on bulbs of heel or coronary band. Allow to dry before applying additional coats if required.