Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength Hoof & Connective Tissue Supplement - 3.75 lbs

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* Provides optimum nutrition for strong healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments
* Supports cracked hooves and strengthens weak walls
* Built strong from the ground up
* Made in the USA
* Satisfaction guaranteed

Horseshoer's Secret Extra Strength Hoof and Connective Tissue Supplement helps give "peace of mind" that a horse's hoof and connective tissue needs have been served. The level of nutritional support the hoof and connective tissue require is unique to the horse. Based upon performance demands, environmental risk factors and genetic disposition, some horses just need more of the right combination of nutrients to allow them to perform and feel their best. Specifically designed with the hoof of this special horse in mind. Supports hoof hydration, moisture retention and hoof hardness. Grows strong, tough, flexible hooves.

Unique extruded nugget supports proper digestion of nutrients.

Formulated by an Equine PhD Nutritionist.

For all classes of horses.

Veterinarian recommended. Farrier endorsed.

Each 2 oz serving contains min 20% crude protein, min 1,800 mg lysine, min 3,600 mg methionine, min 425 mg phenylalanine, min 5.5% crude fat, min 0.75% omega-3 fatty acids, min 1.2% omega-6 fatty acids, max 10% crude fiber, min 3,200 mg/max 3,800 mg calcium, min 850 mg phosphorus, min 90 mg copper, min 270 mg zinc, min 25 mg biotin and min 250 mg ascorbic acid.

Directions: Loading – 4 oz per day for 6-8 months; Maintenance – 2 oz per day. 2 oz scoop enclosed.

3.75 lbs = 30 day supply at maintenance level.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA.