Banixx Horse and Pet Care - 32 oz

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* Quick, effective aid in the recovery of bacterial and fungal infections 
* For wounds, fungus, ringworm, skin infections, scratches, rain rot, thrush, white line disease, ear infections, hot spots and bites
* Kills the big three bacteria with 99.9999% kill rate: staphylococcus aureus, salmonella choleraesuis, pseudomonas aeruginosa
* Banixx for every pet!
* Made in the USA
* Endorsed by Steve Lantvit and a Horse Journal Product of the Year
* As seen on RFD-TV
* See 'Other Info' below for display information and to learn more about the benefits of Banixx

Banixx Horse & Pet Care – Unique pH formula for all pets. Antibacterial and antifungal. Non-irritating to tissue and no burn! Clinically proven safe around eye. Safe around mouth. No smell, making administration a breeze! Earth-friendly; no antibiotics/steroids; non-toxic. No color. Can be used on foals, puppies, kittens, rabbits, birds, show goats, sheep, cattle, exotic pets and more.

Contains 2.5% hydronium solution.

Directions: For wounds, fungus, skin infections, scratches, ringworm and rain rot. Apply liberally. Repeat twice daily, as needed. For thrush, hoof abscesses and white line disease. Apply boot to infected foot. Add 3-4 oz of Banixx. Repeat daily for 4-5 days. For best results, use immediately after professional has removed diseased tissue and keep boot on during treatment. Not harmed by temperature extremes.

Made in the USA.

Pint-ster size is a convenient, economical option for any barn, stable, kennel or home. 

Fast-acting, affordable solution for every horse or livestock owner to keep in the barn!

“We have been using Banixx for fly bites on our alpacas and it has been great! It also helped ease the symptoms of clover mouth in one of our yearling females. We love the product and find we are using it in place of products that contain much harsher chemicals. We appreciate the effectiveness and our animals appreciate the gentleness.”
Deb H., Luna Sky Alpacas,
Gambier, OH