Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi

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Musings of a Horse Farm Corgi is an engaging, true life story as told from the unique perspective of Beamer the Corgi. It's a big job to become the "Corgi in Charge" of a working horse farm. Even more so when you have to overcome the "Curse of the Fluffy." Branded in early puppyhood by a genetic hair flaw that sets him apart from other corgis, Beamer's undaunted spirit and perseverance bubble to the top of this entertaining book which brings a smile on every page. Beamer's special insights and opinions of the cast of characters who comprise his world will have readers checking out their own dogs in a whole new light.

130 Pages
ISBN: 97806156383480

About Leslie McDonald
Leslie McDonald is author of five previously published books. Active professionally in the horse industry for over 40 years, McDonald grew up in Chicago, IL. She graduated from DePauw University. A gold medal dressage trainer and popular author, she lives with her husband, Doug, on a horse farm in southern Ohio with five Swedish Warmbloods, two Labrador Retrievers, and a Corgi.