Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses

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Debbie Gadus was fulfilling her childhood dream of working in the horse business and living on her own when the riding arena roof collapsed on her and a young student during an extreme winter snowstorm. Rescue workers dug her out, doctors saved her life and therapists guided her through rehab and into her new life as a paraplegic living in her parents’ home. This is the true inspirational story of how horses led a young woman back to her dream, and how disability enabled her to discover abilities she never knew she possessed. Debbie’s story intersects with that of a small therapeutic horseback riding center for disabled persons that would go on to become one of the nation’s leading facilities. Little Victories: A True Story of the Healing Power of Horses takes readers into the world of therapeutic riding and the little victories Debbie experiences as she learns to ride again, teach others with disabilities from her wheelchair, and develop a new carriage driving program for those who can’t ride. In time, a quiet and reserved woman would gain confidence, becoming a leader and advocate for people with disabilities.