Horse Blankets and Sheets

Horse Blankets and Sheets

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Since 1999, Equus Now! has brought a wide range of blankets to the seasonal blanket collection. Select from brands like Weatherbeeta, Rambo, Amigo, Rhino, Shires and more! Need help selecting the best blanket for your horse? Give us a call at 740-549-4959 and we can help!

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Blanket Frequestently Asked Questions

  • How do I know what size to buy?

With the horse standing squarely on a level surface, use a soft measurement tape and measure from the center of the chest to the center of the tail going around the side. Check out this Fitting Guide for more information.

  • How do I wash and care for the blankets?

For most stable blankets and turnout blankets, a daily brush using a soft dandy brush is enough for regular care. It is recommended to wash blankets and sheets at least once seasonally. We recommend Rambo Wash to ensure blankets waterproofing is not damaged by harsh detergents. Just use 2 tablespoons per load in a maximum capacity washer for best results. Air dry for best results.

  • What is the best weight or fill to purchase?

Horse blankets generally come in light weight (0-100grams), medium weight (200-300gram), heavy weight (300+gram). Blankets offer insulation to help maintain condition in cold weather and turnout blankets offer the additional benefit of waterproofing against the elements. Keep in mind weather changes frequently and horses can quickly become too warm or too cold. So to ensure a best conditions, we've created a blanket weather chart here.

  • I lost the tail cord or leg straps to the blanket?

No problem! We sell replacement tail straps here and replacement tail cords here.

  • Why is there such a vast difference in pricing?

Blankets can vary greatly by price. Quality and durability increase the cost of a blanket. Denier, which is the fiber thickness of individual threads used to create fabric. The higher the denier the denser and more durable the fabric. Higher deniers increase the price. Things like Gore-Tex (breathable-waterproofing), adaptable liner systems, hoods, and blanket hardware closures all contribute to higher prices. For horses that are hard on blankets, something like the Rambo Supreme which is made with ballistic-nylon (same thing bullet proof vests are made of) will hold up better then a 1200 denier blanket. The fiber fill inside the blanket also increases the cost. The fill is what makes up the blankets insides differentiating a sheet, medium, and heavy.