Back On Track Products

Choose the clinically proven, therapeutic power of Back on Track products.

WellTex® ceramic infused fabric is the key to healing and wellness

The manufacturing process of WellTex fabric infuses a special blend of ceramic particles into the core of the fabric to ensure it never washes out. These ceramic particles use the body's own heat to generate infrared rays which are well documented to assist in reducing inflammation and pain by generating an increase in circulation.

FLIR Images show improved circulation after just 3 days

The initial before image shows significant disruption and nerve changes on the front left leg as indicated by the cooler areas in blue.

Utilizing the therapeutic properties of Back on Track Quick Wraps, a significant improvement in the equalization of circulation in the left front leg was visible after just 3 days. This symmetry was still visible after 14 days of continuous wear.

For you, your horse and even your dog.

Back on Track has been able to utilize the unique therapeutic properties of WellTex fabric in everything from Back on Track Hock Boots, to Back on Track Gloves, Back on Quick Wraps, Back on Track Mesh Sheets, and even a Back On Track Dog blankets and beds.


Made with their state-of-the-art Welltex fabric which reflects your horse's own natural body warmth creating a soothing far infra red thermal heat (the horse will not get over heated, but it can result in sweating to loosen and relieve sore or inflamed muscles).

Made with ceramic, which reflects your horse’s natural body warmth and creates a soothing far infrared thermal heat. This will help relieve and heal injuries to muscles, joints, and tendons

If you suffer from knee pain, whether from arthritis or injury, Back on Track's Knee Brace works wonders in reducing discomfort. Back on Track is great for humans as much as it is for horses.

If you suffer from arthritis pain in your hands or poor circulation in your fingers, try these Gloves. Provides warmth and gentle heat to sooth tired working hands.