Used Ansur Classic Treeless Dressage Saddle - 18 - Black - #6000553

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Used Ansur Classic Treeless Dressage Saddle


Serial#: S497

Color:  Black

Tree Width:  NO TREE

Flap:  16.25" from bottom of stirrup bar

Seat Size: 18"  (Measured from middle of pommel to middle of cantle)

Condition/Features: Good Condition. 

Stamp: S497

"At Ansur, our primary mission is to design all of our saddles to allow the horse's complete comfort and total freedom of movement. Though the art of saddle making is thousands of years old, prior to Ansur saddles, no one has been able to successfully build a saddle that can form itself to the constant bending, flexing, expanding and contracting of the horse's moving body AND at the same time protect its back.

With the benefits of modern technology, we have advanced the art of saddle construction to a previously impossible-to-obtain level. The result is the creation of a protective treeless saddle with all-directional flexibility on the back of a moving horse while providing a permanent supportive internal structure for you, the rider.

It provides adequate rider support yet allows the rider to experience maximum "feel" from his/her horse. The underside of the Classic has no gullet, lying on the horse in much the same way as a very nice pad does providing that "the next-best-thing to bareback" feel."

Saddle includes movable and adjustable blocks.

Regular wear on flaps, stiff and would need more conditioning




 This saddle has been inspected by our saddle experts and the tree is guaranteed 100% sound! All of our saddles, new and used, automatically come with a 7 day trial. Just purchase the saddle and pay for shipping! It's that easy! The trial starts the day that you receive the saddle and must be back in the mail by the end of the 7th day for a refund.

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