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Trade in your saddle for CASH at Equus Now!


For a LIMITED Time - Equus Now! will pay you CASH for your Gently Used NAME BRAND Saddle!


Here's how the program works...


Have a saddle that you just can't get rid of ?  We can help!

We offer a CASH BUY OUT as a last alternative for selling your saddle.

We highly recommend trying to sell your saddle directly for a higher return on your investment.

We offer the CASH BUY OUT service for people who have not had any success selling their saddle on their own.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of shipping your saddle & handling returns - this program is one to consider!

No messy returns / no saddles being shipped back and forth.

Just ship your saddle ONCE & get a check within 7 days of receipt.

It's really that easy!


How do we determine cash value?

We go with a simple formula –

We research our past sales history of the exact make & model of the saddle you are selling.

We take that average selling price & offer you 50% of that amount.

So for example – if we sold similar saddles for $ 1000 – you would receive $ 500 immediately from Equus Now!

No waiting for your saddle to sell on consignment – you get cash on the spot.

It’s simple, fast & you can go out & enjoy your  life without worrying about the hassle of selling your saddle!


Appraisals are based on the guarantee that your saddle’s tree is 100% sound.

To determine if the tree is sound –

Hold the saddle against your chest – with CANTLE (rear) of the saddle closest to your body.

With some force – try to flex the FRONT of the saddle (the pommel) towards the cantle.

If there is any give/flexion – the tree could be compromised. This happens with older saddles & with saddles that have gone through some sort of Trauma.

If we receive your saddle in the mail & the tree is compromised in any way – we will contact you immediately via e-mail/phone and arrange for the saddle to be shipped back. 

(You would be responsible for the return shipping – billed at $ 35 and shipping via UPS insured)


We are only accepting GENTLY USED - NAME BRAND English Saddles at the time.

Please - No Plain Flaps or Saddles that are in need of Repair.


To receive a QUOTE on the CASH VALUE BUYOUT PRICE of your saddle -

Contact us at sales@equusnow.com

Be sure to include a DETAILED description of your saddle in your e-mail. 

We are looking for the following:

Brand Name


Year Made

Date of Purchase

Purchase Price

Did you buy this saddle new or used?

Seat Size

Tree Width

Flap Specs (Reg,Forward, etc)

Panels - Are they Foam or Wool Flocked?

Any blemishes or scratches ?

CLOSE UP Pictures of your saddle - Top of saddle, Panels of Saddle, Left Flap, Right Flap, Lift each flap & get a picture of the billets on each side,

Front Shot of pommel, Rear Shot of cantle


If you'd like to accept our CASH VALUE BUYOUT PRICE -

The offer is good for 30 days.

You will receive your payment within 7 days of us receiving your saddle.

Saddles can be shipped to...

Equus Now!
8956 Cotter St

Lewis Center OH 43035