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Equine cold therapy is a critical part of the health and care of your horse’s legs, hocks and hooves. It can be used for prevention and/or treatment. For prevention, icing helps keep muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue healthy. The most effective and certainly least costly method of physical therapy for the equine athlete is routinely applying cold therapy after schooling, a cross-country run or a horse show event. For treatment, the cold therapy can be used to help reduce pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, facilitate recovery after orthopedic surgery, reduce muscle damage and reduce heat. Ice Horse cold therapy leg wraps are especially beneficial for bowed tendons, bucked shins, tendonitis, bruises, ligament/tendon/muscle damage, hematomas, laminitis and wind puffs.

Single wrap with two re-freezable, reusable inserts. Developed to provide room to adjust to any large or small hock. Provides soft, soothing, cooling coverage to the most complex leg joint. The non-gel formula configures closely to the hock joint and stays put, continually.

Comes with two inserts.