Saddle Fittings


The Saddle Fitters



  Jen Hetzler has been a team member at Equus Now! for 10 years. She has been trained by Ron Bates in the art of Saddle Fitting, as well as completed internships with the top saddle makers in the world. Her experties lies not only with fitting the horse, but she's able to fit the rider as well to ensure perfect harmony while in the saddle.





 Cathy Augur (Newlon) has been helping horses in Central Ohio for many years using Therapeutic Massage Therapy. She services the top Hunter/Jumper & Dressage barns in the area. Cathy has a long list of very satisfied clients, that feel she's reason for their horses peak performance. Now incorporating the biomechanics of saddle fit, Cathy can evaluate your current saddle & find solutions to fix almost any prolem.




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Jen & Cathy travel together within a 40 mile radius of Central Ohio. Each evaluation consists of a 60 minute session where they will determine the best solution to deal with your current saddle situation. You WILL be riding during this sesson, as they review your horse's way of going under saddle. In many cases, they can adjust your current saddle with the incorporation of custom correction pads, such as Mattes, Thinline & others. In other cases, they will test different panel shapes/saddle brands to determine the best choice for your particular horse. This is a saddle fitting service - they are not there to push a new saddle on you. They are there to evaluate your current saddle situation & see if they can make it work for you!