Rambo Turnout Trade In

Rambo Turnout Trade In 2019

Step 1

Donate any clean, used blanket to your local horse rescue.

Step 2

Click here to complete your registration and get your $50 coupon code.

Step 3

Apply your code to your cart to save $50 on any eligible Rambo Blanket.

Since 1985, when the first Rambo was released, Horseware has become the leader in blanketing technology worldwide.

The flagship Rambo brand, with a 3 Year Guarantee on waterproofness and breathability, is one of the most popular range of turnout blankets in the world today. All Rambo blankets are still manufactured in Ireland, unusual in this day and age, so that Horseware can ensure the highest quality standards of every Rambo blanket.

From now until November 27, 2019 you can help both horses in need and trade up to a New Rambo Blanket. Simply donate a used, clean blanket to your local horse rescue, complete the Rambo Trade In registration form and you will instantly receive a coupon code allowing you to SAVE $50 on a new, eligible Rambo Turnout.

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Rambo Trade In Questions

  • Which are the eligible Rambo Turnout Blankets?

Whether you're in the winter warmth of Florida or the driving snows of Montana, there's a Rambo Horseware blanket that you can trade up to. Choose from any weight of blanket or sheet from and of these styles;

Rambo Original, Rambo Original with Leg Arches, Rambo Duo, Rambo Tech Duo, Rambo Duo Bundle, Rambo All In One, Rambo Wug, Rambo Wug with Vari-Layer, Rambo Supreme and Rambo Supreme with Vari-Layer.

We have put all of these blankets into their own category to make shopping easier for you. Simply click here to see all eligible Horseware Rambo Blankets.

  • Can I Trade In more than 1 Blanket?

Coupons are set up as '1 - 1 - 1'. That is, 1 coupon to 1 email address to 1 New, eligible Rambo blanket. You can only apply 1 coupon per cart for 1 $50 discount if the cart contains an eligible Rambo blanket.

  • Is there a list of suggested horse rescues to donate my used, clean blanket to?

All across the USA, horse rescue are always in need of good, clean product. Especially at this time of year, winter blankets are very much appreciated. With so many rescues across the country, it's not possible to maintain an extensive list. Simply Google for your local horse rescue and contact them for donation details.

  • Can I use coupons from Horseware on the Equus Now! website?

You can, but it will require a secondary step. As long as you enter you TTI_$50***** coupon into your cart (view cart / add coupon) and not at checkout, your discount will be applied as if your received the coupon from Equus Now! We will need to manually verify the details of your Horseware coupon before processing your order so you will receive an email or phone call from us to do that.

  • Do I have to register?

Yes. There are only 4 'required' questions simply being contact detail questions and the standard 'email marketing' acceptance. The reason we need these is so we can at very least, send you your $50 coupon. The additional questions are there to help Horseware to better understand how customers like you use their product and improve the offerings Horseware develop for the future. While providing data can be a worrying prospect these days, remember you have the power to 'unsubscribe' from emails at any time and no personal or password information is captured.