Weaver Miracle Collar

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The Miracle Collar features a patented, anatomically correct fit which allows it to be worn comfortably and applies pressure only when the horse attempts to crib. As a result, horses can wear the Miracle Collar without pain or discomfort while drinking, eating, grazing or being ridden. Leather connector strap helps keep browband in place and ensures that the Miracle Collar will not slide around or off and become ineffective. Carefully crafted from the highest quality russet harness leather for strength and gentleness to the hair coat. Available with optional browband and jowl fleece covers for extra horse comfort. Eliminates the need and expense of other anti-cribbing products like paints, sprays, straps, etc

Available in Small, Average (Medium), and Large.

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    Worked on 1 horse, not on the other

    Posted by Paige C. on 26th Jun 2013

    This collar worked for one horse, but on the really challenging cribber, it didn't do a thing. It does seem to be one of the more comfortable collars out there, though, so it's probably worth a shot if you have a mild cribber.

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    Posted by ALK on 28th Oct 2012

    What I liked best about this collar is that while it is snug when adjusted correctly to prevent cribbing, when the horses head is lowered into a grazing position it becomes totally loose. For this reason we fed our cribber her hay on the floor in her stall when she was in. She was totally happy and no more cribbing.

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    Didn't work for my horse

    Posted by Alice Jez on 24th Oct 2012

    Made funky lines in her bridle path and she still cribbed even when it was on. Purchased her a Dare Cribbing Collar and she stopped. This is cheaper than the Dare but if I ever have a cribber again I will not use this brand, I'll go straight to my Dare collar.

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    Only thing that worked!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2012

    I have tried two other cribbing collars and this is the only one that stopped my OTTB from cribbing in her stall.