The original Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Balls - a horse treat and toy in one! Helps eliminate stall boredom, great tasting, and packed with vitamins and minerals. Hang the ball with the attached rope above eye level with your horse. To make the ball last longer, hang it so that your horse cannot push it up against the wall.

Ingredients: Crude Protein-Min 5%, Crude Fat-Min 1.5%, Crude Fiber-Max 4%, Calcium (Ca)-Min 1%, Max .6%, Phosphorus (P)-Min .28%, Copper (Cu)-Min 12 ppm, Selenium (Se)-Min .1 ppm, Zinc (Zn)-Min 29 ppm, Vitamin A-Min 1,000 IU/lb.

Available in Apple, Carrot, Molasses, or Peppermint. Approximately 4 lbs each.

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Horse loves them!

My horse LOVES these! They are a bit expensive, so be sure to hang them in such a way that they do not get eaten in just a day.

Best Treat for the stall!

There is a horse at the barn that gets pretty bored in his stall, no matter if he is turned out and ridden in the same day. He will paw at anyone that walks by to try to get attention...and then we got him one of these! He is now entertained for days on end and doesn't try to bother anyone when they walk down the aisle. So far, he has enjoyed the carrot and the molasses flavor.

Great treat

This is a long lasting treat. With an aggressive eater this lasts at least a week, lasts a month with my normal horse! The horses LOVE their hanging balls and are hilarious to watch them try to eat it. They are unable to take chunks off, even when the ball is eaten down to a smaller size. Only knock on it is that it makes the horses faces disgusting with a shellacked layer of sweet stuff. Of course, the horses may then lick each others faces clean too.