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This environmentally friendly leather is tanned in vegetable extracts for long lasting character and drum dyed to obtain deep uniform color. It is then hot stuffed with the right combination of oil, wax and grease to produce leathers that retain their color and enduring supple qualities. To clean Tory leather you can use conditioners and cleaners and won't need to oil them to keep them soft. Tory is one of the few manufacturers left in the United States who use American leather and "Old World American Craftsmen" in the making of their products.  

One Size.

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Nice replacement crown

Very nice. Would buy another. Is horse size, so if you are needing one smaller definitely keep that in mind.

Great product!

These are great for training and turn out! I always adjust one side up so the other side is on the last hole. Then it usually breaks off on the side set to the last hole so it can be adjusted and used again.


Great as a replacement! Holds up until it needs to break in certain situations.

holds up

Works so it doesn't randomly break, but if enough pressure is applied it does it's job and breaks so my horse does;t flip on cross ties.