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This eventer vest is a must have! Worn through all levels of competition, from beginner to four star, this vest has a dual density padding system which proves superior shock absorption and impact reduction. The flex designed padding and construction allows for maximum mobility as well as increased airflow. Featuring a zipper front and adjustable side laces, the vest ensures a custom fit so you can be comfortable as well as safe.

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Wanted to like it!

i know a lot of people swear by these, but I bought one and it did not fit at all. A size up was way too big, size down too tight. I also found out that it is not a rated safety vest and that is a deal-breaker for me.

Great Protection!

This vest is awesome. In the middle of cross country its never on your mind. It stays perfectly out of the way, but you're happy its there when you need it. Flexible and easy to fit.

Comfortable and Flattering

I love how comfortable this vest is, and it isn't as bulky as other brands. However, I do wish that it was certified because of the higher price.

Comfortable and flexible

Extremely comfortable and easy to compete in because it is so flexible. Quite adjustable too due to the lace up sides. Great vest!

Comfortable & Durable

I have had my Tipperary Eventer for seven years. It is extremely comfortable for everyday schooling and small competitions. The lace up sides allow for some weight fluctuation, or heavier clothing underneath for some of those chilly days on course. The vest is lightweight and fairly breathable, allowing it to be somewhat bearable on really hot days. The vest still looks shiney and new after several falls, miles and dusty trailer rides. A great product worth the money. It is very unfortunate that this product doesn't have a better safety rating

lightweight but expensive

I've used this vest for years, and have definitely got my money's worth out of it. It's expensive, but incredibly light weight and not as bulky as the supra-flex vests. Has not worn down over the years and is easy to clean. Though as an average-sized female I had to get a child's size because the back was too long and would get caught on the back of my saddle.