Thinline Padded Leather Halter

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This ThinLine Padded Leather Halter is a must have for every ThinLine horse!

The antimicrobial features of ThinLine make this the perfect halter for sensitive skinned horses, no more fus from traiditional halters! Brass buckles with a throat latch and adjustable noseband. We use these halters on our own horses with no rubs or sweat. Soaked by the rain during turnout, the halters are still nice and supple; far outlasting plain leather halters! Our ThinLine testers turned horses out 24/7 for more than 6 months. The hair underneath the halters is perfectly healthy with no rub marks. We all thought that was amazing!

Available in Black or Dark Brown with Brass Fitting for Cob, Horse, and Oversize

Care Instructions: We strongly recommend the use of ThinLine Cleaners for these products, as they have been tested and are completely safe for the ThinLine foam lining and do an excellent job of cleaning leather in an all natural product. For conditioning the leather, we recommend using a paste-like conditioner (like Horseman's One Step) so that you can control the application and prevent saturation into the ThinLine material (some conditioners are harsh on the foam and can cause it to dry and crack).

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