The Cavaletti Bracelet with Howlite Beads - Turquoise

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Howlite was named after Henry How, who discovered it in 1868 in Nova Scotia. Henry How was a Canadian chemist, geologist and mineralogist who was told of this previously unknown mineral by gypsum quarry miners who found it hampered their mining because it is harder than gypsum.

8mm Howlite beads are strung onto 49 strand wire which offers the best strength to soft drape ratio for a comfortable fit. With strong crimped ends, we've also included a sterling silver locking jump ring so that there is a 'release point' if you happen to get the bracelet caught up around the barn. Our Stainless Steel snaffle bit will maintain its shine for years no matter how hard or oftem you wear it - a simple polish and you're back to new. All bracelets come with a Stainless Steel lobster claw clasp which attaches quickly and easily to the snaffle ring.

7.75" - approx. 9-10 beads