Shetland Chrome Bead Bracelet

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While small in size, our Shetland Snaffle bit bracelet is big on color. Specially selected, multi colored FIMO beads are added to our 3.5 inch chrome plated snaffle bit creating a bright, unqiue design just for you. Each bracelet has a unique selection of beads for a one of a kind look.

At 3.5 Inches, it’s amazing the amount of detail that has been built into these chrome plated eggbutt snaffle bits. Each snaffle will show your true love for the equestrian lifestyle. To create a unique look for each piece, we’ve added 8mm FIMO beads in a bright range of colors. FIMO is a unique Polymer clay that allows for a wide range of colors and styles to be created. All beads are strung onto 49 strand wire for a long lasting and comfortable fit and a 12mm stainless steel lobster clasp attached securely to a jump ring on the snaffle bit ring.