Rescued Wine Soy Candles

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Hand-made from wine bottles. For every candle crafted, a discarded wine bottle is recycled in its place. One Balance, one world.

Rescued Wine strives to help animals in need by donating a portion of their sales “not profit” to rescue groups.

100% natural soy wax candles with fragrances infused with essential oils.

Cabernet: Aromas of dark chocolate and sweet grapes with a rich finish of herbs.

Champagne: Blends of fresh, clean and crisp cotton blossoms.

Chardonnay: Flavors of apples, almonds, cinnamon and undertones of vanilla.

Malbec: Fresh berries with notes of plum, aged oak with a leather finish.

Mimosa: Youthful style with a musky citrus finish.

Sauvignon Blanc: Flavors of lemon zest with tones of spring water and lemon grass.

Spiced Rum: Spicy clove, dried fruit, brown sugar & smoke.