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PERFECT PREP EQ TRAINING DAY is a palatable powder that acts to stabilize the horse’s blood sugar, and work on the nervous and circulatory systems to produce a less nervous, more manageable animal. (Active ingredients: magnesium, taurine, thiamine, inositol. These main ingredients are enhanced by synergistic support of these ingredients: glutamic acid, sodium copper chlorophylin, proline, leucine, alanine, phenylalanine, arginine, llysince, valine, tyrosine, glycine, isolecine, Fe, phosphorus, cystine, choline, calcium, protein)

• QUIETER HORSES! Less longeing. Less resistance to spur and other aids. Diminishes some annoying stall habits.

• ETHICAL! Ingredients are limited to amino acids, enzymes and vitamins: no prohibited substances. PERFECT PREP EQ TRAINING DAY is safe for extended use: Works well on stall bound horses.

• PROPRIETARY FORMULA ACTS METABOLICALLY Because the ingredients in PERFECT PREP EQ TRAINING DAY act primarily on the blood sugar and only moderately on the nervous system, you are more likely to get the desired effect without sacrificing your horse’s movement. Safe to use at higher doses if needed.

Recommendations for Use of PERFECT PREP EQ TRAINING DAY powder:

For Occasional Use:
2 oz. feedings morning and evening day before performance, 2 oz. feeding morning of performance and an additional 2 oz feeding 3 hours prior to performance.

For Daily Maintenance:
First feeding 2 ounces, then ½ to 1 oz twice daily thereafter. Repeat as needed for desired results. Effects last up to 12 hours. (May be used with Perfect Prep EQ Training Day Paste or Perfect Prep EQ EXTREME.)

Small = 2lbs, Medium = 5lbs, Large = 10 lbs

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  • 5
    It is the very best product I have used

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Feb 2017

    It is easy to feed as the horses like it. They stay consistently calm and once built up in horses system you feed very little to keep horse maintained. They are not affected health wise and I am quite confident feeding it Thanks Marilyn

  • 5
    Best Calming Agent!

    Posted by HLM on 25th Jun 2013

    This is the real deal.....absolutely helps level horses stress and/or anxiety at shows or hauling. Give to horse a few days in advance of the event and you will see the results! Will not remove excess energy from the horse but will help the horse to focus and pay attention.

  • 5
    Happy boy, happy me

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Dec 2012

    This stuff works. No drugs, no side effects, no problems. The only hitch was that my boy was suspicious of it at first, and tried to play Fussy Eater--not that this lasted long, he's a good eater (don't know why, it has this wonderful fruit gum smell..._I'd_ eat it). But he's been fine with it for some while, and it helps make him mellow/less moody.