Farnam Laser Sheen Show-Stopping Shampoo

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* Show-stopping grooming products to unveil a horse’s true beauty
* Enhances the horse’s features for a mesmerizing look
* Official grooming product of the USEF and AQHA

Laser Sheen Show-Stopping Shampoo is a premium quality, pH-balanced, moisturizing shampoo specifically formulated to produce a rich, luxurious lather that penetrates deep down to the skin for a flawless clean coat. Deep conditioners moisturize the hair and help repair split-ends, leaving the coat velvety soft and intensely radiant for a mesmerizing look. Laser Sheen Shampoo detangles knotted hair, minimizes breakage and increases manageability for a healthy, flowing mane and tail. Vitamin E and PABA sunscreen help protect the skin and hair from bleaching. LaserSheen Shampoo rinses out easily and eliminates residual film.

Directions for Use

Wet the horse's coat, mane and tail thoroughly with water. Apply a sufficient amount of Laser Sheen® Show-Stopping Shampoo onto a sponge and massage into a rich lather over the horse's entire body, including mane and tail. Let lather stand for 2-3 minutes. Rinse horse thoroughly with clean running water. Remove excess water with a sweat scraper and dry horse as desired.

To increase the glamorous, showring shine and thick flowing mane and tail, follow with Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler or Laser Sheen® Volume-Enhancing Detangler.