Kask Star Lady Helmet

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VG1 01.040 2014-12
ASTM F1163
with SEI mark

From 565 g
From 19 oz

Magnetic buckle
Self-adapting adjusting system
Soft touch coating

Outer shell: ABS
Inner shell: EPS
Frame: matt

Soft, eco-leather hypoallergenic

EXTRA SUN PROTECTION: Specifically created to provide extra sun protection to the rider, The wide peak protects the skin against weather damage, while assuring maximum visibility.

FIT SYSTEM: KASK is well aware that the helmet has to fit correctly to the rider’s head, guaranteeing the crucial advantage in terms of safety and wearer comfort.
The KASK’s patented self-adapting adjusting system in carbon look, introduced for the first time in the equestrian market, allows the helmet to perfectly and automatically fit on the rider’s head by gently cradling the back of the head. The high-tech carbon look of this detail highlights the design and the innovativeness of the product.

INNER PADDING: The ideal solution in order to ensure the maximum comfort and hygiene. The internal padding can easily be removed in order to wash it. Hand and machine washable at 30 ° C.

SOFT CHINSTRAP: The soft, eco-leather hypoallergenic chinpad offers unique comfort and prevents skin irritations. The fabric is easily washable, water repellent, and abrasion resistant.

VENTING SYSTEM: Based on two honeycomb-like aeration grids built in the polystyrene, a smart venting system integrated in the helmet provides high standards of cooling airflow, coping the breathability of the inner fabrics to improve the rider's physiological comfort.