Grand Hoof - 25lb

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* Just 1 oz leads to a lifetime of healthier hooves
Grand Hoof - powdered hoof health supplement for horses. Scientifically developed nutritional supplement supports healthy cell growth in horses' hooves. Provides a balanced combination of proven ingredients; its potent, powdered formula gives fast results for optimal hoof health. Contains the correct levels of pharmaceutical grade biotin and a concentrated source of dlmethionine, a sulfur-rich amino acid, for proper hoof nutrition. Diamond V probiotic yeast helps improve feed digestibility and utilization. Anise and maple flavored. Each 1 oz serving contains 3,000 mg methionine, 1,500 mg lysine, 250 mg zinc, 50 mg copper, 20 mg biotin and 20 mg vitamin B6. Dosage: 1 oz daily for 1,000 lb horse. 5 lbs = 80 servings.