Equilibrium Massage Therapy Pad

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As seen at the Rolex Three Day Event!
The Equilibrium Massage Pad increases relaxation and improves back flexibility, and helps to reduce stiffness caused by injury, chronic conditions, or strenuous work. Clinical studies have proven that after 6 weeks of use, horses demonstrated significant improvements in back flexibility and relaxation, and showed an increase in stride length. Each Massage Session lasts for 30 minutes; it strokes, vibrates and oscillates, stimulating the muscles. 

There are 3 different settings:

  • Low - To cool down after exercise. 
  • Medium - To warm muscles prior to exercise. 
  • High - To help alleviate back problems. 

This soft, pliable massage pad covers the horse's back from withers to quarters. The adjustable straps fit a wide range of horses. It is easy to clean, and readily portable, being lightweight and packed in a small nylon carry bag.

"The Equilibrium Massage pad is an important part of my horses' daily routine. I use it before working them to warm the muscles up, and after to help the muscles cool down. It is very light and easy to pack! ALL the horses at Hawley Bennett Eventing love the Equilibrium Massage pad!" - Hawley Bennett, Canadian Olympic Eventer

Replacement Chargers and batteries can be purchased. 

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