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A scrub cleaner designed specifically for our shoes and boots.

Care Instructions for Dubarry Country Boots

The leather

The leather used by Dubarry for our Outdoor boots is specially treated. Impregnated with water repellents, this leather absorbs less moisture, and requires 70% less time to dry compared to other leather types. This treatment also ensures that your Dubarry boots will always be soft and supple. A little maintenance is required and provides a longer life span for your Dubarry boots. The leather used for the Dubarry boots is the full cow hide with all its naturally occurring imperfections, providing the boots with a rugged ‘worn’ look.

Cleaning the leather

Heavy mud and dirt can be removed initially under the tap with water and a brush. Make sure that manure and other farmyard substances are well rinsed off immediately - Animal urine is particularly corrosive. The same applies for seawater and/or salt.

Drying the leather

Allow the boots to dry naturally before any further treatment. Do not use artificial heat - this will damage the fibers in the leather and can reduce flexibility and lead to cracking. For best results air dry for a minimum of 48 hours.

Protecting the leather

All leather needs care. Make sure the leather is cleaned and dried properly before using any conditioner. The mahogany leather needs to be treated with Dubarry Leather Cream or a colorless leather conditioner. Special attention should be paid to the flex point on the toe.

The ‘rougher’ leather of the boot leg (all brown calf- and full-length boots) hardly needs any protection. Conditioner will make the leather darker and shiny. If you use another protector spray, ensure that is approved by Gore-tex®. Any other silicon spray will cause a film to form on the leather and block the pores.

Dubarry boots and Gore-tex®

One of the key features of Dubarry boots is the Gore-tex® inner lining. The Gore-tex® membrane makes the boot 100% waterproof and allows your feet to breathe. To ensure the breathability it is recommended to clean the Dubarry boots (both in and outside) with a gentle non-detergent soap. Rinse well afterwards. Use only leather care products that are approved by Gore-tex or Dubarry. These products contain less grease and oil and allow the leather and membrane to breathe.