Biotin Plus

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* Each dose contains 50 mg human grade biotin, plus calcium and methionine
* Did you know studies published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association indicate 50 mg biotin as the minimum dose necessary to maintain healthy hooves, mane and tail?
* All-natural
* Made in the USA

Biotin Plus for horses is a powder supplement that helps support strong, healthy hooves, a radiant coat and optimum mane and tail growth. Therapeutic formula aids rapid healing and fast results; see a more lustrous, softer coat within 10 days and visible horn quality results in just 5-6 weeks. Each scoop contains 50 mg biotin, 500 mg d-calcium pantothenate, 25 mg methionine, linseed meal which provides omega-3 fatty acids that act as antioxidants against free radicals, brewers dried yeast which is full of B vitamins and trace minerals for extra shiny coats and promotion of hoof growth, stabilized rice bran for improved endurance, and wheat germ. Directions: Mix 1 or 2 scoops daily in feed. Can be fed with other supplements. 1-1/3 oz scoop enclosed. 2.5 lbs = 15-30 day supply. Available in 5lb size.