Best Friend Grazing Muzzle

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Best Friend Grazing Muzzles are recommended by equine health professionals to prevent, as well as treat, laminitis, founder, obesity, colic and other diet-related diseases. The small opening in the bottom allows horses a limited amount of grass, yet unlimited water. Rather than being restricted to a non-grass environment to control intake, horses are free to exercise and socialize as part of the herd.

Other Grazing Muzzle Benefits:

  • Your horse is happier as a result of not being kept away from both his grass and his outdoor buddies.
  • Your horse can get the required exercise. (The average horse covers one mile per hour while grazing.)
  • Disease prevention is easier and less expensive than a visit by the vet.
  • All synthetic materials make it lightweight, rot resistant and well-ventilated.
  • Padded noseband helps resist rubbing and chafing.
  • Most durable, comfortable and safest grazing muzzle available. Don’t be fooled by look-alikes!
  • Recommended by John Lyon’s Perfect Horse and The Horse Journal.
  • Reduces bedding bill and stall-cleaning time.
  • You have peace of mind knowing your horse is happier and healthier.


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  • 5
    A lifesaver for fat ponies!

    Posted by CBC on 25th Oct 2012

    This is a neccessity for cushings, insulin resistant or simply overweight horses - allows them to enjoy turnout with their friends without risking their health.

  • 5
    Works well on my mini

    Posted by Jean on 24th Oct 2012

    My mini has issues with too much pasture. Rose recommended the Best Friend Muzzle and it has enabled us to let him out with the rest of the heard without worry that he will over eat and be sick.