Banixx Anti-Fungal Shampoo

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Banixx®, the #1 trusted First Aid solution for horse & pet owners, now offers a veterinarian strength shampoo that is ultra-enriched with Marine Collagen protein. The new Banixx® medicated Shampoo, developed at the repeated request of customers, was formulated to aid horses in the recovery of multiple anti-fungal/anti-bacterial skin conditions such as Rain Rot (Rain Scald), Scratches, Girth, Mane, & Tail Itch, SweetItch and Dermatitis.

It provides sea-sourced amino acids that fortify hair fibers and repair damage. Finally, a shampoo that is effective against common equine skin infections, as it provides deep-skin gentle cleansing, works to rebuild, moisturize and strengthen a horse’s coat, and will leave your horse glossy & vibrant from mane to tail.

Banixx® Shampoo is also unique in that it was formulated to be paraben, sulfate, and soap free, and contains no alcohol or steroids. In addition, this deeply moisturizing and soothing shampoo is non-toxic, contains no added color or fragrance, and can be used daily for spot treatments or as an all-over body cleanser.

Banixx® Shampoo is safe for all horses (and dogs!) and will not bleach, stain, or affect coat color. For nearly a decade horse and pet owners have come to trust the name Banixx® and their new shampoo is the perfect addition to their ‘stable’ of top-quality products.

Banixx Shampoo has already shown amazing results on Equine Cannon Keratosis (also known as Stud Crud, Leg Funk, Cannon bone crud).  Keratosis is a skin condition caused by the horse's own glands in the skin. It manifests itself in a waxy paste that glues the hair to it. It is not fungus, bacteria, scratches, or caused from urine. It's a case of seborrhea (think flaky and scaly), and it can be primary or secondary. 

Since Keratosis is a systemic problem (not merely a case of simple surface leg fungus), it will require regular routine attention. Thankfully, with Banixx Medicated Shampoo, the treatment is simple as 1-2-3 

How to use Banixx Medicated Shampoo on Scratches (Mud Fever), Rain Rot (Rain Scald), Leg Funk, Dermatitis

 Gently hose the affected area with plain water, then, apply a shampoo mix with sponge.  Mix should be 3-4 ounces of shampoo, diluted in a small water bucket (2 gallons).  Leave the shampoo mix on your horse for at least 10 minutes so that it has time to work on the infection.  Hose off and towel dry.

For particularly tough areas, such as the front of the cannon bones shown on this page, apply shampoo directly onto a wet sponge and massage it into the legs.  Legs must be wet first.   Repeat daily until required result is achieved.

For Scratches and Rain Rot infections,  regular Banixx spray may used to "finish" the process since it is a “leave-on’ application