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Kerrits' Environmental Commitment

Kerrits participates in many environmental efforts: they recycle, purchase their energy from green resources, use energy efficient lights, have a water cooler available for their team, use recycled paper for their printing needs and so on. Kerrits is proud to have introduced g.r.a.s.s. (Green Riding Apparel for Style and Sustainability), the first solely environmentally friendly clothing line to the equestrian community.

They will continue to push the envelope and use fabrics that are produced in more ethically and environmentally conscious ways. Together with vendors' help and ingenuity, Kerrits will continue to evolve many of our styles, replacing ultra-suede with Eco Suede, while still maintaining our prices.

They've joined forces with 1% For the Planet, dedicating their 1% specifically to the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, to make a positive change for the environment. Recently Kerrits has signed on to participate in “A Box Life,” a new program to raise awareness, keep cardboard boxes in use longer and to encourage people to engage in the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Finally, the most important commitment is to the products Kerrits makes. They do not make disposable equestrian apparel, never have, never will. From the beginning, they've had a standard. They won't make anything that they might be embarrassed to wear next year. And the clothes that they do make? Well, they are meant to be ridden in hard and worn well for a good long time. They wake up every morning realizing they have the opportunity to make a difference.