Fleeceworks TheraWool Classic Half Pad with Rolled Edge

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Discrete in its ability to deliver a functional protective layer. Anatomically correct. This halfpad is all purpose and appropriate for close contact, cross country. Suggest one size up for dressage saddles.

Length -Measured from inside sheepskin roll on pommel to inside back rolled edge
Width -Measured from inside rolled edges across the widest part of the pad
Drop -Measured from middle top line of pad to edge of flap





















Available in White/Medium or White/Large
Sku: FWW-6/C

Therawool™ is a durable and affordable alternative to sheepskin: breathable, washable, hydrophilic and protective with thermal balancing qualities. It is considered a sustainable fiber verses a live fiber. Fleeceworks' Therawool™ is soft and plush even after washing. It does not clump up and harden after washing as with other wools currently on the market. It returns to its original appearance with brushing.

Tough enough for daily use. Beautiful enough for show.

Fleeceworks has taken the same wool fibers used in their sheepskin products and woven them onto a poly/acrylic backing. The release of the line is a culmination of a lengthy development and testing process which assures that our customers are delivered a product that holds to the Fleeceworks' standard - maximum performance, minimum bulk.

Fleeceworks Therawool


As with all of your high value tack items, with appropriate care, the Fleeceworks sheepskin saddle pad products and accessories will perform well for many years. As with all-natural sheepskin and/or leather products, excessive exposure to sun or water will reduce their natural elasticity and resiliency, which is key for the product performance you depend on.

Following daily or event use, the products should be air-dried and any pads with inserts should have the inserts removed to allow them to properly dry as well. Again, avoid direct exposure to sunlight that may break down the natural wool oils and leather tannins.


  • Everyday Care: Let item dry. Brush dirt and sweat marks with wire brush. This cleans the fleece and restores the loft of the Therawool pad.
  • To Clean: Set washing machine to GENTLE and use cold water. We recommend wool or blanket wash followed by a fabric softener. DO NOT BLEACH Hang to dry or use air cycle in dryer. Density will increase with washing. When product dries, brush again to restore loft.


Simply store as you would your saddle and other valued leather tack products. Use of a tack trunk is okay for a few days, but any natural fiber or leather product is best stored in a well-ventilated dry location, and away from heater vents or direct flame.

Normal wear and color fading is to be expected and, just as with any natural fiber product, will depend on how harsh an environment they are exposed to and how frequently. Sunlight will cause some fading of the darker colors whether sheepskin or wool pads. Our natural pelt selections will fade less as these are the natural sheep colors and not dyes. On dyed products there may be some color transfer experienced onto lighter color horses, especially during high sweat-producing rides.

Have a good ride with your performance Fleeceworks' products!